Create More Free Space On Your Server

If you notice you are not able to connect to your cPanel, Webmail, or WHM and your website is slow and giving errors, your server may be maxed out on the disk space. How to view your overall disk size and usage 1. Log into your server via SSH If you are using the Macintosh […]

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Comparing a VPS and Dedicated Server

When you purchase a dedicated server, you are actually leasing a server box that is configured and set up according to your preferences, but remains at our data center. A dedicated server account provides you with a dedicated IP address and full control with admin (root) access. Dedicated servers are particularly useful for businesses who […]

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How to replace WordPress Cron with Real Cronjob for Site Speed

How to replace your WordPress cron job with a server cron job to increase site speed. We can all relate to a slow WordPress website with a very long request times. Most of us have also seen the WordPress “Missed Schedule” error message for content such as future scheduled posts that were supposed to be […]

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Lots of things can slow down a WordPress site: too many large graphics, not enough bandwidth (something that can be optimized by a solid WordPress hosting service), and browser issues. If you’ve recently noticed a slowdown in your website, you may have received advice such as “combine CSS coding” or “external JavaScript file not working.” […]

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WordPress Hosting

How To Migrate Your site

1. Before starting your migration you will need to install a copy of WordPress into your own hosting account. We would highly recommend using Installatron which is available in your control panel. 2. Install your copy of WordPress using your full domain name (eg. Replace with the particular domain name you wish to […]

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Changing your DNS records

In some situations your web developer will ask you to change your DNS records so that your web site operates from another platform. They will provide you with an IP address and ask that you update your DNS records. The following guide will show you how to change your A record, so that your web […]

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Transfer Your Hosting and Domain Names to another account

A product transfer occurs when you want to: Remove a particular domain name or hosting package from an existing account and give it to someone else, or Administer a domain name and or hosting package from your own account (if the services are currently billed to someone else). Change of Registrant If you are selling […]

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Using WooCommerce To Create An Online Store

Looking to start your own online store? One option is to use a fully fledged e-commerce solution to build your web site and setup your shopping cart. But for those with limited resources who want to get their online business up and running as soon as possible, a better option is a shopping cart plugin. […]

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Top 10 Free WordPress Themes

If you go looking through the WordPress theme library you will find literally hundreds of well designed templates designed to change the appearance of your WordPress site. There are so many free themes that it’s hard to know where to begin! Many of these themes are created from a single design that can then be […]

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Using our Shared SSL Certificates

What is a shared SSL certificate? A shared SSL certificate is shared among many users rather than specifically used for one domain name. For example, customers who have websites running on our cPanel Shared hosting service are able to access their control panel via a shared SSL connection by visiting: This essentially provides the […]

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Delete Your Email via Horde

When you delete email using webmail, the deleted emails remain on the server indefinitely. If you wish to free up disk space on your email account, you must remove the deleted emails off the server permanently. To remove emails off permanently follow the instructions below. 1. Log into Web Mail at: Replace with […]

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WordPress Browser Caching

Speed up your WordPress website drastically with the use of leverage browser caching, also known as expires caching. Many speed optimisation and test providers will refer to this as “Browser Cache“, “Leverage Browser Caching“, “Expires Headers“, “Cache Headers“, “Cache-Control” and “Web Cache“. As indicated by Google PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix and MaxCDN follow this guide to […]

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