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Merry Xmas from AUSWEB!

It’s that time of year again, for those yet to take advantage of our December Special with 25% OFF for VPS plans as well as Dedicated Server & Discount Dedicated Server plans, there is one week left to go! Visit www.ausweb.com.au for more details and promotional codes. We are closing telephone sales and support from […]

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Scripting & Coding / Security / Web Development

osCommerce Security Warning

In recent weeks there has been an increasing number of attackers exploiting a vulnerability with insecure osCommerce installations, which allows admin access without a password usually resulting in spam mail-outs to your users. As always, it is highly important to stay on top of security updates with all scripts, such as shopping carts and also […]

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News / Search Engines

Bing Reaches 10% of Search Market

New statistics from comScore Networks research shows Microsoft’s Bing has risen to 10.3% of the U.S. search market in November, it’s highest result so far. However, it appears the market share is being taken from Microsoft’s partner-in-waiting, Yahoo and not search leader Google’s whose market share rose over November. Under an agreement struck earlier this […]

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AUSWEB Xmas Specials on VPS & Dedicated Servers!

Christmas has come early this year here at AUSWEB HQ, with a fresh delivery of turbo charged DELL R200 Intel Quad Core Servers. To mark the occasion and the holiday season we’re offering big cost savings into the New Year with 25% OFF for all new signups on our VPS and Dedicated Server plans during […]

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Google Public DNS

Continuing their hot-streak of announcements and free service releases & updates of late, Google has now introduced “Google Public DNS”, a new experimental public DNS resolver promising a host of improvements to browsing speed and performance and both validity and security. The DNS protocol is an important part of the web’s infrastructure, serving as the […]

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Google / HTML / Web Design

Create Webpages using Google Sites

When you signup for an AUSWEB hosting plan, the first thing most customers do is upload their website – replacing the default New AUSWEB Customer index.html file for new accounts. A common question we receive, is ‘how can I create a simple landing page for my website?’. Usually from customers who are using their domain […]

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Google / Search Engines

Google Search Trend Results For 2009

Google has just released their 2009 Google Search Trend results, cataloguing the people, events and memories that made up this year. The clear winner as you might be able to guess was the king of pop Michael Jackson, who’s search results spiked massively after the singer’s death and continue to rank highly. For the full […]

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